What is Octocorp?

If you've stumbled on this page, and don't know me personally, then you're probably wondering what Octocorp actually is. Well, to be honest, even if you did know me, you still probably wouldn't know.

To best sum it up, I like to write. Not as much as I used to, but I am working on that. However, when I was younger, I wrote story, after story, after story, to help me better understand and interpret the world around me as I developed from adolescence to early adulthood. In my stories, a recurring theme was an evil corporation that had unchecked power, resources, and knew no borders and often clashed with the protagonists or interacted with them in some form.

Corporate Maleficence at its finest. 

It was this idea that something this imposing and omniscient could exist in the first place, but also be toppled, that really tied well in with the "I'm young, smart, and going to take on the world" attitude every kid out of High School has. 

The Gaiden Crew

Awe, so young, so ready to fight the evil forces of corporate greed.


As I discussed my stories with some of my friends, this corporation started taking a life of its own as their input and additions only solidified the universe I was creating. It became our collective outlet, an unlimited source for any fantasy and it wasn't long until "Octocorp" was born. (There were eight of us, thus the Octa prefix.)

As we found the perfect antagonist, it was easy plugging in new characters, roles, achievements, ideologies, everything you'd expect from a corporate entity modeled after Umbrella Corp, Shinra Electric Power Company and the like. Currently, Evil Corp, from Mr. Robot, is about as spot on as our vision was so many years ago.

Octocorp Logo

Ever seen Robocop?


Since this existed before the days of Facebook and even Myspace (I am totally dating myself aren't I?) It was not long until a website was launched and with it, a small cult following was developed. We actually started printing our own patches and even T-shirts as it tied into our love for...wait for it...Dodgeball. (But that is a whole 'nother story).

1st Octocorp T-shirt


As the years progressed, we grew apart and went our separate ways (some naturally, some...well...it makes for a great story I suppose) and Octocorp, or the idea it became, along with the stories in which it resided remained tucked away in the furthest recesses of my computers, and my mind...waiting for that one faithful day when I'd metaphorically take it off the shelf and blow the dust off, breathing new life into it.

As this site develops, I am sure you'll see more and more of it come back to life here and there. For now, enjoy! 


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